Foreign-rights Catalogue Update (October 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this section and thank you for your interest in our books! As you know, several titles of our catalogue are translated into different languages and published by other prestigious international Publishing Houses.

Our published material is in copyright and, except as provided for under national law, may not be used without the express permission of Publicaciones Claretianas.


Rights licences are issued for reprint, translation, audio, video, broadcast or electronic reproduction of an entire work.

We have not a catalogue of foreign Rights, but if you are interested in any of the books or materials contained in our general catalogue, please contact us to obtain all the information you need about the availability of the translation rights, author, title of the book you wish to translate, conditions of a possible contract… —our team will always be delighted to assist you!


Permissions licences are issued for the reproduction or translation of single chapters, journal articles, text extracts, figures, photos, illustrations and audio extracts from Publicaciones Claretianas copyright works in printed, recorded or electronic format.

Permissions licences also cover requests for networking, educational photocopying…  of Publicaciones Claretianas material and applications.

Publicaciones Claretianas is associated with SGAE & CEDRO: institutions that collaborate in the protection of author rights.

For all Rights or Permissions enquiries or for further information, please email us.

With our best wishes,

Ruth Guerrero

Dpto. Derechos / Rights & Permissions Department

C/ Juan Álvarez Mendizabal, 65 Dpdo. 3º

Tlf.: (34) 91 540 12 65
Fax: (34) 91 540 00 66